Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prince George family BBQ

Prince George family BBQ
4605 county Drive Dispuntana Virginia ( Hwy 460)
I am always looking for a" good" BBQ Joint in Virginia. which surprisingly is a hard find. I just happen to luck out when we stopped at Prince George family BBQ at hwy 460 and interstate 295 outside of Petersburg Va. We enter the place around 6ish and the joint was empty except for a truck driver in the corner. The place was very clean and pleasant atmosphere.
The menu was very traditional and easy to read. i noticed that they had a BBQ sample plate for $14.95 ( BBQ ribs , 1/2 chicken, chopped pork and brisket. i was very surprised because most joints did not offer such a wide selection. My son got a pork chop plat (three large pork chops smothered with gravy and onions yum)
Ok to the barbecue! My wife had the brisket and she was a little disappointed due to it was chopped not sliced. She claimed. Nice hickory smoked taste. Nowhere near competition quality, It was dry but was revived with a little sauce.
My ribs had a commercial rub and i claimed a hint of cinnamon, The owner and cook denied it, It was a very generic rub, probably southern prides standard rub. I thought the rib were moist even after being reheated Almost fall off the bone.
My brisket was chopped and dry to but edible. I would have preferred sliced but understood why it was better to serve chopped. i thought the rub and smoke was prevalent
The pork was very very disappointing. It was over sauced. It was an eastern NC. bbq sauce. I felt like all the rubbing and smoking was wasted. I could not discern anything other than vinegar.

The star of the show was the chicken. I was very impressed with a half of chicken. It had flavor all the way through. The breast was a little dry but with a little sauce it well worth the slight distraction.

Sides; BBQ beans needed a kick, slaw great, onion rings good and hot, greens wife's favorite. Mashed potato was a smashed!
Over all I thought the experience was a nice pleasant surprise for Virginia BBQ The portions were great and the food was good with a true smokey flavor

The Judges score Appearance 7 , Tenderness 7 , Taste 7
I thought this was good BBQ for Va.
Good job guys!

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