Friday, August 29, 2008

Wcav 19 Knows how to Tailgate

We had a great time doing this segement with Jennifer Black. It was raing for the whole segment. I wanted to something that the average tailgaiter can do. We grilled Pineapple wedges , Real beer brats and chicken breast.Despite the rain and some technical problems we had a great time.

August 29, 2008

Many people will be getting their grills out this weekend for Labor Day barbeques and UVa football tailgating parties. Award-winning barbeque expert, John Atkins says it’s important to practice responsible grilling.

“Don’t put your grill under a tent or in an enclosed space and don’t spray lighter fluid if your using lit coals, use common sense a lot of this stuff is very simple and very easy to do,” Atkins said.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

BBQ Tips

Top Tips for Successful Grilling
For direct cooking on a charcoal grill, use a charcoal chimney. Lighter fluid can impart a very unpleasant flavor to your food.
Never barbecue indoors – carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are given off during combustion and these odorless, toxic fumes may accumulate and cause death.
Always use a clean grill. A dirty grill can take away the flavors of your food.
Use a cooking spray before you get started.
Use tongs to turn the meat. A fork should never be used as it will punch holes in the meat and allow the natural juices to escape, causing the meat to lose flavor and become chewy.
Tomato and/or sugar based BBQ sauces should be added only at the end of the grilling process, since this sugar will burn easily and are seldom considered an internal meat flavoring.
Always wash your hand before and after handling raw meat.
Keep hot foods hot, at 140 degrees or above; and cold foods cold at 40 degrees or below.
Go to where you’ll find even more tips that will get you grilling right in no time.

The BBq Man

By Holly Ford UVA Hospital The Link 18 Aug 2008

Surgical Tech Leads Pigs on the Run to BBQ Victory
When it comes to cooking up finger-licking, sop-up-the-sauce, pass-me-another-helping champion barbecue, John Atkins has it covered. The UVA Surgical Technologist is a grill master who, along with his team Pigs on the Run, has won 70 awards in barbecue competitions across the nation. So what’s his secret? “There really is no secret,” he claims. “Once you figure out the basics, anyone can win.”

Atkins may be a humble guy, but he has very strong opinions on the best way to barbecue. “Gas is cheating,” he says. That’s right … you won’t find a fancy auto-ignite grill amongst the Pigs on the Run crew. They use a basic wood and charcoal fire and a 17-foot smoker to cook their meats to perfection. Getting it just right requires some of the same skills required of him in the operating room, according to Atkins. “Paying attention to the details is key,” he says. “You have to know what you need before you need it.”

The Pigs on the Run team consists of five primary members, but that group can grow to include as many as 25 depending on the event, each of them participating not for payment but because they love it, according to Atkins. One of those members is Atkins’ 11-year-old son whom he says can talk a big game. “He loves to smack talk when we’re at a competition,” says Atkins. Spending time with family and friends is one of the reasons Atkins got hooked on barbecuing early on. “I used to barbecue with my grandfather when I was a boy. [It] brings back memories of good times,” he says. “Sitting around outdoors with family and friends is a wonderful feeling.”

Hours and hours of grill-tending can pay off in the end. Pigs on the Run has won many cash awards and trophies (including an 86-pound wooden pig, shown above) over the past six years. They’ve also used their culinary skills to draw in crowds at charitable events, including Qing for a Cure that benefits St. Judes and the UVA Children’s Hospital. Team founder John Atkins has turned his love of good food into a thriving venture. He now runs a catering company with his wife and has become an expert on barbecue how-to, appearing frequently on local news stations and in regional publications. Take a look at a few of Atkins’ top tips for barbecue safety at right.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Que and Cruz 2008

GREAT Contest!!!!!!!!

Bill and his crew did a great job!

POTR were in two places. I had a festival in Fishersville. I gave the reins to Mark Harris and I am glad I did. He brought back a Govenors cup and 3rd over all. It was great to see all the Va BBq teams that were there , especailly the Spry BBq team wich had a very respectable showing for a first time team. I am so proud of our team , winng without the BIG dog there, Good job guys! Also it was great to see cats sass and the rest of the normal suspects on the circuit.
Grand Champion
Chix, Swine & Bovine BBQ

Reserve Grand Champion
Tarheel Smokers

VA Governors Award
Pigs on the Run

Over All
3rd Pigs on the Run
4th Hoss’s BBQ
5th Dizzy Pig
6th Virginia BBQ Pirates
7th JD’s Smokin Misfits
8th The Princess and the Pig
9th Tar River BBQ
10th Scrmin Nite Hog

1st Tarheel Smokers
2nd The Princess and the Pig
3rd Tar River BBQ
4th Chix, Swine & Bovine
5th The Crazy Rednecks
6th Hoss’s BBQ
7th Big C’s Stew and Que
8th Gooney Creek BBQ
9th Smokin Jay’s Byrd Mill BBQ
10th Pot Belly BBQ

1st JD’s Smokin Misfits
2nd Virginia BBQ Pirates
3rd Chix, Swine & Bovine
4th Pigs on the Run
5th The Princess and the Pig
6th Tar River BBQ
7th Lucky Dog
8th Hog Town Boys
9th Hoss’s BBQ
10th Dizzy Pig


1st Pigs on the Run
2nd Dizzy Pig
3rd Hoss’s BBQ
4th Scremin Nite Hog
5th Pot Belly BBQ
6th Gooney Creek
7th Chix, Swine & Bovine
8th Mr. Woo’s BBQ
9th M&H BBQ
10th Tarheel Smokers

1st Virginia BBQ Pirates
2nd Pigs on the Run
3rd Chix, Swine & Bovine
4th Tarheel Smokers
5th Ashburn Barbeque
6th Texas Rib’s BBQ
7th JD’s Smokn Misfits
8th Dizzy Pig
9th Gooney Creek BBQ
10th The Princess and the Pig

1st Dizzy Pig
2nd Hoss’s BBQ
3rd Serial Grillers

1st Hoss’s BBQ
2nd Pigs on the Run
3rd Butt’s on Fire

Go Three Eyz BBQ

This is for you Dan!

I believe to be a better cook you need to cook with another team. Dan from three eyz BBQ ask me to cook at the DC Battle. It was one of the hardest contest we have ever cooked. It was a MIM and a KCBS contest in the same weekend. It was a great honor to cook with Dan and his team. He really took care of us. We were very suprise with advancement to the Championship round in pork in the MIM part. All in all we did well. 5th over all in kcbs and 3rd in pork in MIM.

Barbecue Books

  • Championship Barbecue by Paul Kirk