Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chuckie for lunch

I am blessed to have Rick Hollian as a friend ! He will cook just about anything on a smoker. Here is latest adventure with Chuckie the chuck roast. Here is  our conversation.
3 1/2 # chuck roast.

i just don't see the fascination with chuck roasts. to me they are greasier and stickier than a pork butt.

How did it taste?

I'd rather save up for a strip or fillet like you make and enjoy it

Give me a quick write up the chuck . good or bad.

The seasoning was all Dr bbq big time bbq rub. I didnt inject (no beef broth in the house, but it did jaccard the crap out of it
was still a fun day with the wsm.


The chuckie may have been better with an injection but it was only 2.89 lbs. most of it would have run out. I did smear some worchester sauce on it after the rub and let it sit for 30 mins
it tastes good, just sticky. I guess im hooked on pork

He cooked for 6 1/2 hours .at 275 degrees. He  wrapped in foil for 45 minutes. internal temp at  175 to 196 and unwrapped.
He cooked it on the WSM.

Barbecue Books

  • Championship Barbecue by Paul Kirk